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The Cavalier Always makes a dashing impression

An iconic presence at the Virginia Beach oceanfront, The Cavalier has stood as a symbol of the days of elegant, refined hospitality, when glamour and etiquette were paramount, service was on-point, and a guest's entire experience impeccably considered.

Redone but still brimming with history and stories, the iconic property is reimaging Old World service and refined elegance for today's in-the-know, discerning luxury traveler-and in the process, is helping to reinvigorate the destination of Virginia Beach right along with it. 

Today, the property's rich history and graceful roots are a big part of The Cavalier experience - though now, they form the foundation for a stay that's also contemporary, customized, and well-curated. 85 newly-renovated guest rooms, top-notch amenities, two full-service restaurants, extensive grounds, and plenty of surprises await today's savvy luxury traveler, who comes seeking more than just a beach getaway, and something beyond a nice view.

The Cavalier Is: 

Poised, refined, sophisticated, and always well-turned-out: the original Cavaliers were accomplished gentlemen and elegant figures. But "cavalier" has another meaning, too-one that evokes a breezy charisma, a goodbye to worries, a charming, devil-may-care flair.

Witty when appropriate, attentive when needed, sophisticated but slightly wicked - The Cavalier makes a dashing impression, just like its namesakes. 
  • Elevated, never fussy
  • Celebrated, never pretentious
  • Memorable, never dusty
  • Unexpected, never jarring

The Cavalier's Service Commitment

"We are the best in class serving the best, with class."

"We will create a unique service culture that is anticipatory and approachable yet sophisticated & cultured" - Cherie Davis, Managing Director, The Cavalier

The Cavalier Crest Elements

  • CROWN As worn by King Charles, who was protected by the original Cavaliers.
  • SWORD A reference to the original Cavaliers who protected the King, the land and what was to become the American way of life. The sword is the emblem of military honor and should incite the bearer to a just and generous pursuit of virtue, beauty, liberty and strength.
  • QUILL A reference to the rich history of the property.
  • BARREL A reference to the distillery as well as the notion that barrels, or casks symbolize that the original bearer was a vendor of liquor, beer or wine, or an innkeeper. It occurs in family coat of arms and signifies heritage and history.
  • FOX A motif of the old Hunt Room, the fox is also a symbol of wit and wisdom. The wise, old soul - the fox and the Cavalier both share a wealth of information, experience and knowledge.
  • KEY A symbol of the hotel, its rooms and its many ways to customize and enjoy a space so rich in history and southern hospitality. The Cavalier key has the year 1927 hidden within it's teeth. Unlocking the door unlocks not just an amazing experience, but also invites guests to create their own story and own their own slice of history. 
  • OLIVE BRANCH Referencing the rich food offerings of the property and its garden, the olive branch is also symbolic of staples of the hospitality experience - warmth, cordiality and community.
  • SCROLL A scroll is another reference to the stories and history of the property