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Jane & John Dunn Stevens (love story)
Jane & John Dunn Stevens (love story)
Date: July 1927
My wife, Jane, was a guest with her parents when she was one year old. She actually took her first steps when learning to walk in one of the rooms at The Cavalier and walked to the bathroom. Every time we drive by The Cavalier she tells the story of walking at The Cavalier.
Roberta & Edward White
Roberta & Edward White (love story)
Date: July 1927
My grandfather, Robert Lucas Lash, was a plumbing contractor who moved his family to Virginia Beach to work on The Historic Cavalier Hotel and Beach Club as it was being constructed. They lived on 24th Street in the house next door to my mother's family. His son, Robert, who worked with him, met my mother. They later married. My sisters and I would not exist if not for The Historic Cavalier Hotel and Beach Club. I am the youngest of three girls. The Cavalier on the Hill has always been a beautiful landmark to me.
Jeanne & George Williams
Jeanne & George Williams (honeymoon)
Date: 1940s
My grandparents, Jeanne Carter Williams and George Williams, honeymooned at The Cavalier in the 1940s. They've both passed away — but I wanted to share their photos in front of the hotel. My grandfather served in the Air Force for most of his career; Nana was a homemaker and teacher. She was also a gifted pianist. She always had a soft spot for The Cavalier. I'm so glad to know it will have new life soon. I hope you capture lots of good love stories.