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Explore Stories from the 1970's

Becky & Greg Ament
Becky & Greg Ament (honeymoon)
Date: July 3, 1970
My husband Greg and I have such beautiful memories of our stays at the old Cavalier. We spent our honeymoon night there, and 25 years later went back for a week to celebrate our special wedding anniversary. Greg and I met in 1969 while living in Virginia Beach. I was an elementary school teacher who had just graduated from college, and he was a young Navy corpsman who had just returned from serving in Vietnam stationed at Dam Neck.
Mr & Mrs William Grider, Jr.
Mr & Mrs William Grider, Jr. (Love story)
Date: June 2, 1979
Bill and I met during his First Class cruise in Hawaii. It was his senior year at the Naval Academy and during the summer he had the opportunity to spend time on a ship, which was stationed in Hawaii. I was living with my parents on Hickam Air Force base. long distance calls where extremely expensive so we started a long-distance relationship over the military Mars station system. The Mars operators called us the "Love Birds of the Pacific." I came to the states that winter to meet his parents and moved to Annapolis. We had an old-fashioned courting relationship and were married three days after he graduated from the Academy. He had made special plans for our honeymoon and it was a surprise. He knew I missed my island home and the ocean, so he brought me to The Cavalier. It was a dream come true. The Cavalier was rich in heritage and this was the beginning of our love story being written in the sands of time. Our last military tour brought us back to the Virginia Beach area where we began our love story. We are about to have our 39th anniversary on June 2nd of this year.
Cathy & Al Lott
Cathy & Al Lott (honeymoon)
Date: February 20, 1970
Forty-six years ago, a Norfolk girl met a handsome sailor who was returning from Vietnam. They fell in love and six months later, they eloped. The young girl was me. We had nothing, no money. We only had each other. We saved every every last penny we could find and once we had saved just enough, we finally could go on our honeymoon to the one place that we had always admired from afar: The Historic Cavalier Hotel and Beach Club. We spent one night there as he was being deployed. It was beautiful. We had a steak dinner delivered by room service. I felt like Cinderella. One night at The Historic Cavalier Hotel and Beach Club — I felt like a princess, in a castle, with my Prince Charming. Forty-six years later, my one-night honeymoon is still one of my fondest memories.
Robert & Diana Rucker
Robert & Diana Rucker
Date: June 6, 1970
I was 20 and my husband 21. We only had 2 days that we could afford and it wasn't the honeymoon suite. It was our dream to stay at the Cavalier because we both loved Virginia Beach. Our fondest memory was the white gloved waiters who were so kind to us and could tell we were newlyweds. Our honeymoon there was a very special time because of the date. Both of our fathers were part of the Dday invasion. So every year when we celebrate our anniversary we also remember our fathers and what they did for our country.
Stephen & Kim King
Stephen & Kim King
Date: April 1, 1978
The year was 1976....I had decided to skip out of my night class at VCU and head back to the dorm. As fate would have it, it was a last minute decision that would change my life forever, As the dorm elevator opened, there he was...all 6"5 of him! Steve was with his roommate, who was a friend of mine from Norfolk. They were headed out to meet some friends and invited me to tag along.....and the rest my friends is history. We were married in a candlelight ceremony on April 1,1978 on a beautiful day surrounded by our friends and family,(yes, April Fool's Day!) There was plenty of food, music, and lots of dancing!! ! This April marks our 40-year anniversary, and to think it all began at The Cavalier!!.
Jim & Laura Pereira
Jim & Laura Pereira
Date: August 6, 1978
The historic Historic Cavalier Hotel and Beach Club in Virginia Beach is dear to my heart because it was the first place my husband ever called me his wife. My husband, a lieutenant j.g. in the U. S. Navy at the time, and I were married in August, 1978. My dear parents indulged me in my fantasy wedding reception. I felt like a princess, wearing my long white gown, standing by the side of the love of my life, enjoying the classic surroundings and gracious Southern hospitality of the Historic Cavalier Hotel and Beach Club.
Robert & Janet Wilson
Robert & Janet Wilson
Date: October 21, 1979
We were married at the old Historic Cavalier Hotel and Beach Club October 21, 1979, an unseasonably warm, sunny day with clear blue skies. Our history with and love of Virginia Beach began six decades ago when my husband's family moved there; mine a bit later from several family vacations. My husband, Bob was raised in Linkhorn Park; he went to school with Walter Banks, son of the then-Cavalier general manager, Sydney Banks and, his parents were members of the Cavalier Yacht and Country Club. We both love "The Beach" and when considering venues for our wedding, where else than the beautiful old hotel on the ‘hill', the most iconic setting at the Beach.