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Explore Stories from the 1960's

Mr & Mrs MacKinlay
Mr & Mrs MacKinlay (wedding)
My romantic memory of the Historic Cavalier Hotel and Beach Club began with a wedding at the nearby Presbyterian Church. The wedding reception after the ceremony was in the Grand Ballroom of the Historic Cavalier Hotel and Beach Club, and it was indeed grand. There was an orchestra, and women in sequined cocktail dresses danced with men in white dinner jackets. The guests drank champagne and ate from long tables laden with delicious foods like tiny sandwiches, petit fours and a lacy wedding cake. There were bouquets of flowers and potted palms everywhere. It was an exquisitely beautiful and elegant evening.
Nancy & Donald Ness
Nancy & Donald Ness (honeymoon)
Date: July 2, 1961
We are writing this on July 1st, 2015, our 54th wedding anniversary. The Cavalier is so special to us because we spent our honeymoon there checking in on July 2, 1961. Don was on leave from the Ohio National Guard for two weeks at the time of the Bay of Pigs Cuban crisis. We met and were married in Cleveland, Ohio. The enchanting gardens, pristine beach, and elegance of The Cavalier are part of our special memories. It's so wonderful that this beautiful hotel is being restored back to its grand stature.
Anne & Waller Taylor
Anne & Waller Taylor (wedding)
Date: August 19, 1967
When I asked my parents how they wanted to celebrate their upcoming 50th anniversary, they both immediately said, "Dinner with family at The Cavalier." It was on August 19, 1967, that my parents held their wedding reception on the South Porch of the hotel. After an hour-long wedding ceremony held without air-conditioning in the peak of summer, a highlight for both was the cool air that greeted them as they entered their reception room. Mom said it only got better though. "The food was superb; the atmosphere was elegant and everyone had an amazing afternoon. It was the perfect setting and a day I will never forget."
Jerry & Grace Hoggard
Jerry & Grace Hoggard
Date: July 22, 1962
We celebrated our honeymoon night at the cavalier on July 22, 1962. We were very young and felt like a couple of country bumpkins! At dinner we almost starved to death because we didn't know that in those days, you wrote you menu choices on a pad of paper which the waiter took to the kitchen instead of the waiter taking your order. We sat looking at the waiters who were lined up against the wall of the restaurant like a group pf penguins … they stared back at us and for the longest time not food came!
Paul & Marjorie Battaglia
Paul & Marjorie Battaglia
Date: August 3, 1964
Although Paul and I honeymooned at the Princess Anne Hotel in Va Beach (since destroyed), we were advised to go to dinner and dance the night away at the Cavalier Beach Club. We arrived by cab and were seated at a lovely table under the stars. As we were eating our dinners, we saw someone going from table to table, asking for what we assumed to be room numbers or keys. Worried that we might get tossed out, Paul and I fled to the dance floor and literally "danced the night away." It is a very precious memory. We have returned to the Cavalier many times since 1964 - a wonderful vacation destination for us as well as for our children.